Open 2017: Results

A month has passed since The Open 2017. The dust has settled, the stress has faded away and all individual scores have been removed from the Team Division leaving us with the final standings.

This leaves us as a box sat 69th in Europe and 15th in the U.K. and no.1 in South West England. We are exceptionally proud as a box to be sat so high in terms of performance coming from a small town in Wiltshire competing against gyms from some of the biggest cities across Europe and are thankful to all of our members for putting their fitness to the test for the 5 weeks of The open.







In pairs;

A. In a 10 Minute Window
Row 1.5K
50 Plate GTOH

Rest 3 minutes

B. In a 10 Minute Window
Run 1 Mile
50 OH Plate Lunges
AMRAP Double Unders

Rest 3 Minutes

C. In a 10 Minute Window
400m Farmer Walk
50 Plate Thrusters