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WOD 27/10/2016

10x ME HS hold (30s rest) 20s on 20s off x6 chin over bar hold 5 rounds for time: Run 400m (with wall ball) 30 wall ball 15 Burpee 5 MU      

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WOD 26/10/16

A. Build heavy in the following complex: clean + hang clean + front squat B. In pairs. For time: partition the reps how you like. 21-15-12-9-6-9-12-15-21 hang power clean @60/40 box jumps @30/24

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WOD 25/10/2016

A. Push Jerk Heavy Single B. EMOM x 18 1- 9 Push Jerks pick a weight to go UB 2- 45 Seconds DU 3- Run Row Bike 200m 12/15 8/10

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WOD 24/10/16

A. Build to a 1RM Front Squat B. 17min AMRAP 5 MU / 8 C2B / 10 Pull Ups 10 KB Swing @32/24 15 Burpees

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