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S N A T C H T U E S D A Y A. Snatching from the blocks Snatch Deadlift Snatch Pull Snatch B. “Randy” For Time- 75 Power Snatch 35/25 *every break 15 Wall Balls Rules of dropping the bar – No resting at the hang, no resting on the floor with hands still […]

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M O N D A Y  For Time (AFAP) ___________________________________ 21 SA DB Deadlift (r) 15 Burpee Over DB 21 SA DB Deadlift (l) 9 Pull Ups ___________________________________ 21 SA DB Snatch (r) 15 Burpee Over DB 21 SA DB Snatch (l) 9 Chest to Bar ___________________________________ 21 SA DB STOH (r) 15 Burpee Over […]

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F R I D A Y I N T E R V A L S AMRAP 3 15-18 Calories on an erg of choice. 8-10 Devil Press 22.5s/15s 15-18 Wall Balls REST 2 MINUTES  X 6 Pick up where you left off at end of each round. Keep score of total rounds.

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T H U R S D A Y A. 1RM Back Squat B. 4 Rounds 18 Power Snatch35/25 12 Front Squat35/25 3-6 RMU or Progressions.

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