A. EMOM x 10

1 Clean + 1 Front Squat @ 80-85%

Rest 3 minutes

B. EMOM x 10

Burpees Touch Target *Add one from last week.  (Last week of this)

Rest 3 minutes

C. 8 Minute AMRAP Climb the Ladder

1 MU, 1 Wall Climb, 2 Pistols

2 MU, 2 Wall Climb, 4 Pistols

3 MU, 3 Wall Climb, 6 Pistols

4 MU, 4 Wall Climbs, 8 Pistols




For time:
Run 1 km
22 wall-ball shots, 9/6
22 muscle-ups/ C2B
22 wall-ball shots, 9/6
22 power cleans, 60/40
22 wall-ball shots, 9/6
Run 1 km

Sgt. Jonathan Stuart “Hollywood” Hollingsworth, 35, of Rotherham, Yorkshire, England, was killed on Nov. 23, 2006, during a mission in Basra, Iraq. At the time of his death, he was serving with the D Squadron, 22nd SAS Regiment, in the British Army. He received the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross and Queen’s Gallantry Medal for his bravery in the line of duty.

Hollingsworth was a fitness enthusiast and loved pushing himself past the “hurt locker,” according to his friends. His favorite activities included running, skydiving and rugby.

He is survived by his wife, Kate; and sons, Jake and Billy.