A. Heavy Single OHS – Bar starting from the floor.

B. EMOM X 20
1- Row 12-15-18 Cal
2- Thrusters 12-15-18 (20/15 Bar)
3- Burpees 8-10-12
4- C2B or Pull Ups 8-10, Elevated Ring Rows – Tough UB Set with perfect form


Please check the below post for all things coming up abour Civitas!!!

Civitas Newsletter


We’ve decided that now would be a good time to update you on the changes happening with regards to everything Civitas, current and upcoming.

Coaches and Coaching 

Firstly a few changes to the coaching team which I’m sure most are aware of but take this as an official announcement. Lucy Matthews has now become a full time member of staff with us, she will be available for 1-1 sessions, nutrition packages & you will be seeing a lot more of her around both gyms. I’m sure everyone will continue to enjoy her classes.

As you are probably all aware Laura Draycott & George Matcham are now both part of the coaching staff. Laura is now running the 7pm session on a Thursday in Warminster which is now a permanent fixture on the timetable & George will be picking up shifts on a regular basis after his successful work experience period. I’m sure you will all agree that they both add great value and a different dimension to the team.

At our recent coaches meeting we discussed the topic of “letting the coaches coach”, what we mean by this is that we want all of our members to benefit from the correct coaching techniques, cues and instruction. Whilst we appreciate the enthusiasm from other members offering advice, sometimes this can be counterproductive if the advice given does not mirror what the coaches have been taught. Therefore, please allow all coaches to teach and train in the style and techniques that are the correct , safe and most beneficial to you all as members. With classes being so busy recently we appreciate that it is difficult to make 1-1 contact with everyone during an hour, this is the reason for us taking on more coaches to help with this but if you are struggling with something in particular then please don’t hesitate to ask any of us, that’s what we are here for.

Upcoming Events 

As mentioned we will be starting a ‘Test Week” the dates for this will be as follows: Testing Phase 9th-13th October and then the Re Test will take place on the 4th-8th December. Pencil it in your diary’s as this will add great purpose and drive to your winter training and ensure you have a set goals to work towards.

We will be holding our next Olympic Lifting Camp in Melksham starting on Sunday the 21st October there will be a camp for Men & Women anyone who is interested in booking onto the camp,  then please contact jon@crossfitcivitas.com There will be an advert to follow with prices,  what the camp entails and further information if required.

Civitas Kids!! We were going to include this in the section about the coaches but felt it was better for it to be in the events section. This is something that has been in the pipeline for quite some time but we needed to make sure that we were correctly set up for this. Civitas Kids will be run by Daniel Tanner better known to us as DT. We want to welcome DT to the team and we are sure he will be a great success with the children and parents. There will be an advert coming out  shortly with details of an ‘Open Day’ and specifics in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.

Now while we are on the topic of children, when Civitas Kids are up and running,  there will be a set time and class with the correct coaches, supervision, space and equipment all in place for them to enable them to enjoy their workout exclusively without parents present (unless parents are staying to watch their child of course).  Currently, due to health and safety regulations as well as affecting other members experiences during their workout,   we cannot  have children just coming in to the gym and being unsupervised when their parents are working out.  This  also goes for dogs and although we both love dogs. we cannot allow you to bring your dog with you to the gym . We have over 300 members who  attend our gyms and if everyone brought their children and dogs with them during classes, it would be very distracting for all members. We would appreciate your consideration regarding this matter as it is very important.


The new unit at Melksham is a few weeks away from being completed. The unit will include male and female changing rooms with shower cubicles. The gym space will also offer the chance for people to use ‘open gym” during evenings as well an upstairs members lounge. This will be coincide with the completion of our reception area which will be fixed with membership card scanners, a club shop and daily updates on what is happening around the gym. This new direction for the gym is to offer facilities and settings comparable with any top commercial gyms. However CrossFit Civitas will never lose its garage roots & style of training. With having access to changing rooms and showers this will lead to longer opening hours and a noticeable increase in classes during the mornings. The idea for this is to give you the chance to train, shower, change and head off to work.


We are having a wall mounted rig put up in the car park so we have some extra outside space but the benefit of that won’t be felt until next summer with the weather already deteriorating.

Over the next 12 months the temporary office block will be taken down and a more minimal counter will replace it. This will free up some more floor space for classes and bumper storage. We will be spending a vast amount of money on insulating the building to reduce the cold during winter to improve the temperature and training conditions. We acknowledge that this was an issue for many members last winter. We have a new cleaner starting this week so general cleanliness of the facilities should improve considerably.

We will be installing a shower and wet room cubicle in Warminster together with redesigning the layout of the current changing rooms

With lots of changes happening at both facilities during the next few month’s it is a very exciting time for us as owners and for you guys as members. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all very much for your continued commitment to our community without you all there would be no CrossFIt Civitas.